Sun Solutions, Drugstore Style

As a person whose skin is the same color as a plucked dead chicken, I have tried many a sunscreen over the years.  I have narrowed my favorite down to the Neutrogena sunscreen/sunblock line.  I don't like to buy expensive sunscreens because I tend to only use a tiny bit at a time, and I want to be able to slather that stuff on and not feel like I'm throwing dolla dolla bills down the trash chute while I'm doing it.

I am really a big fan of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock because it dries quickly and doesn't leave your skin looking greasy.  It is perfect for the beach because the sand doesn't stick to it.

I also love spray sunscreens.  They are great for applying sunscreen to kids quickly and reaching that hard spot in the middle of your back without anyone's help!  I recently tried the cooling version which I found quite refreshing on a hot day.

But there is one last problem that I had not conquered until recently.  Every time I put sunscreen on my face, it makes me break out.  Grrrr.  I know my skin is sensitive and all but I use lots of exfoliating and blemish removing products so as you can imagine I get quite annoyed that this continues to be a problem .  But you have to put sunscreen on your face, so in the past I have used facial or tinted moisturizers containing a high SPF.  There seems to be something that chemists do with sunscreen when it comes to a facial product that makes it less clogging to the pores and that results in no more blemishes for me!  Up to this point the highest SPF I have been able to find in these formulas was a 25.  Luckily Neutrogena has come to my aid with their Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock available in a 55 SPF and a whopping 70 SPF (that's the one I'll be using!).  They don't really market this as a face only product, only claiming on the label that it "layers invisibly under makeup", but I think they would really have a hot commodity on their hands if they did.  I have been using this product for a couple of weeks now and it had not made me break out once!  I feel confident in recommending this for those of you out there with sensitive skin.  This formula is also waterproof.  Lastly, it only costs $13.00 which is a fraction of the cost that similar products from La Mer and Chanel command at the department store counter.  It's a win win situation!

One last thing.  I know you hear it all the time, but please add sunscreen into your daily routine.  It will seem normal after a while and you will be so happy you did.  I keep a bottle in my purse at all times, just in case.  And I am going to start keeping some in the car too, you never know when it will come in handy! XOXO

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