Some Things Never Change

Anyone who has met me obviously knows that I adore cats above all other animals, and especially tend to dote on my own dear kitty Strudel (pic below) and talk about her all the time. 

This adoration of cats has always seemed to creep into my own wardrobe without even trying.  I wish I could show you my second grade class photo in which I rocked a puffy sleeved dress featuring blue polka dots and gray kittens playing with balls of yarn.

Then there was this sweet dress (do cats and polka dots always go together?)  I bought at Bebe back in 2003, blurry sample of fabric below:

Most recently I was seduced by this cat print at Mui Mui Spring 2010:
But who can afford that?

Then I finally found the perfect cat outfit.  It's cool, arty, feels a shade more mature without the polka dots and will go with everything.  You can get it at Zara and it's only $40!  I plan on wearing it everywhere this summer and accesorizing with bright yellow shoes, hip blazers and peach lipstick.  So cute.

*Note the bow ties*
Fancy cats!

***Since I don't want to drive you crazy with all the cat talk for months of posts, I shall get it all out of the way right now:

(images from google images, Zara, and fieldguided)

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