Q & A With Blend Reader Missy

Dear Abby Blend:

Ok, I just can't decide so I'm asking for opinions and I know you always know what's cool & you'll tell me the truth so I'm asking you! :)
I'm getting my hair done on Friday and I can't decide if I should keep the bang or grow it out (and if I keep the bang should it be big and longer or short and funky)?
Also, should I keep the platinum blonde or darken it up a bit? Should I cut it shorter or grow it into an all one length bob-ish something? Oh, I just don't know... HELP!

-Color Me Confused

Dear Confused:

What a fun question!
My thoughts are these:

1. Bangs
I personally like to grow my bangs out longer in the summer because it is easier to clip or sweep them to the side if it gets too hot. Also, the long bang is really hot right now, I see it on all the cool people here in LA and in all the magazines. I would say defenitely NO on the short funky bang.
2. Color
I really love the platinum on you and I think you should keep it. Another idea would be to have a layer of dark underneath or one or two "highlights" of a darker color. The platinum is so chic right now!
3. Length
For summer, I would say either cut into short bob or grow it longer so you can pull it away from your face. I would love to see you with a frenchy topknot or do the braids wrapped around your head thing.

Cordially, Blend

Missy was kind enough to indulge my fantasy and send in a photo of herself with the "braids wrapped around the head thing" look!  What a doll!

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