Dotted Swiss & The 1970's.

Blerg, this dress is driving me crazy!  I am not a fan of marriage, and even if I was, I am even less of a fan of strapless dresses.  But when I laid eyes on this J. Crew Fall 2010 wedding dress, I fell in lurve.  Dotted swiss and done in a 70's style?  Yes please!
I just can't seem to get enough of the 70's these days.  Oversized sunglasses, tan leather cross body bags, high waisted light blue denim, etc.  I think it all started when I finally watched the DVD's of Swingtown, a show that was on the air for one season a couple of years ago.  You would think it would be all scandulous and trashy but instead it was fascinating, well written, and had the best hair, makeup, and wardrobe EVER.  I am so sad it was cancelled.

(When I was in 10th grade, there was a teacher who was one of those super nice, well meaning people that just drive you crazy with their kindness.  She had singled out myself and a friend of mine because she thought we always wore "such cute things" (mostly vintage).  One day, my friend was wearing a 70's dotted swiss lavender dress and the teacher freaked out.  She LOVED it.  She kept saying "dotted swiss" over and over in this wondrous and breathy, yet loud voice.  Of course it became the biggest inside joke ever, so when I see dotted swiss, I always freak out and start saying it just like her! Good times.)

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