Inspiration Neely

I have always loved the Neely character in Valley of the Dolls (VOTD).  And I love everything about the movie, which I find to be just simpler and more innocent than the book.  I love the casting, the catfights, the affairs, the big hair, the Dionne Warwick theme song, all of it.  I especially love the fake makeup ads that the character of Anne gets to be in. So 60's, so glamorous!
Now that I have laid eyes upon the Neely bag, I simply must have it!  It is the perfect example of Neely's character, trying to be grown up and classy, but working a bright red patent or cheetah print into the mix. 

Now time for the obligatory backstory:  When I was 19 and living in my first apartment with my bestie Derek, we talked about VOTD quite a bit and ended up having a theme viewing party.  We invited our upstairs friends and neighbors Damon & Vicente.  We all got to pick a character (I was Neely of course) and acted like them all night, and had matching bottles of pills just like in the movie.  Also, I think matching towels?  I can't really remember, it's been sooo long and that seems like a weird party favor but whatever.  We had the best time and I like to look back fondly on those innocent days, I was more like the characters in the movie, but now I am all old and hardened and wise and like the characters in the book.  You live, you learn.

$995 at Mulberry

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