How Do You Store Your Jewelry?

I have to admit, I have this thing with jewelry boxes (I kind of don't like them).  It's not that they aren't pretty or don't serve their purpose but if I can't see something, I'm not going to use it.  So I have come up with some more obvious ways to display my lovely little jewels!  Lately I have taken to displaying my rings by stacking them on the slender necks of my perfumes.  This works perfectly for me because they are just out in the open waiting for me each day, and I think it looks very cute as well!  How do you store your jewelry?

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Anonymous said...

A former roommate of mine stores her earrings on cool old wooden (badminton?) rackets on the wall. It was pretty and easy to find the perfect pair... even if you were an interloping roommate, not the owner. :)