Acorn Christmas Ornaments

I was so inspired by all the cute acorn products I was seeing on Etsy and the like that I felt compelled to make something of my own! 
I started off by firing up the ol' PC Stitch program and designing a simple acorn, then I stitched it onto some fabric.  I liked it, but it needed a little something, so I added a smaller acorn on each side in slightly different colors.  In the back of my mind, I remembered seeing some wooden cross stitch ornament frames at the craft store, so I went to Michael's and found exactly what I wanted.  I also grabbed some gold dusted fabric, which I thought would be perfect for the holidays and make the project a little more glamorous!
I love how 70's childhood the whole thing turned out, all brown and wood tones, with a little disco thrown in for good measure.

I used DMC thread (colors 420, 780, 300, & 801) on 14 count Aida gold dusted fabric.


krista said...

so adorable!

camgaga said...

i like it, i remembered in your other post that you like acorn..hehe

Crystal said...

Yeah, I am going through a crazy acorn obsession phase! Just can't help it!