The Hair Files

I have a file called "Hair" on my computer, & it's full of photos of hairstyles that I like.  I make sure it always syncs to my phone so if I just happen to find myself in a salon accidentally one afternoon, I can show the stylist all of my hair inspiration.  I found some photos of my latest cut obsession online the other day, what I'm calling "The Long Cleopatra Bob" & after also seeing two girls with the same hair on a H&M video at the Brooklyn Flea, I am declaring this my must have style of the season and I won't stop growing out my hair until I get it!  There are two things about this look that really make it what it is.
1.  The bangs must be the perfect length (covering the eyebrows but above the eyes).
2. The cut must curl in slightly at the bottom.

P.S.- I know exactly where I'm going to go when my hair gets longer: DryBar!

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