Perfumery Love- Bond No. 9

Have you tried Bond No. 9 perfume?
I first sampled the line back in 2005 at Fred Segal.  I drove all the way across a maze like Los Angeles (pre-GPS on my phone!) to get a sniff.  I fell in love with all the scents, but especially with Chinatown, and I have been smitten ever since.  When I was in New York earlier this year, I was strolling around Bleeker Street and spotted the Bondmobile (in front of the Jack Spade store!). 

I literally screamed and started jumping around, thinking that the store must be nearby, and sure enough it was right behind me!  Hilarious.
Bond No. 9 frequently does special packaging for events or holidays, but this year they have outdone themselves with the limited edition "Chandelier Dreaming".

The 42-ounce bottle, which comes filled with your choice of Bond scents, is dripping with 25 drop crystals; hence the name (the bottle was inspired by the windows of the lighting stores on the Bowery). Only $2,500!
You’ll smell divine!


Beso said...

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krista said...
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krista said...

I love this hairdo, although it seems there is a fine line between this and Ina Garten. Do a google image search for her–endless entertainment!