Thrift Score

I have this theory right now about the thrifts.  I think that between people's New Years resolutions, spring cleaning, and donations for tax season, the next few months should be a veritable free for all!  I set out today to test this theory.  I hit two thrifts where I found NOTHING.  I was discouraged.  That hardly ever happens.  Then I went to a third store and BAM!  Goodies everywhere.

I was perusing the housewares section when I spied this German Melitta porcelain set out of the corner of my eye.  I totally lost my shiz and almost knocked over some poor guy next to me in my stampede to grab it before anyone else could!
I got four cups with saucers, a sugar bowl and a creamer jug. I have a feeling that some sad matching coffee pot out there got broken or was already bought by someone else.
I am guessing from the color and some similar items on eBay that these are from the 60's or 70's. I will probably end up selling them because I don't ever "have the ladies over for coffee" but I want to enjoy them for a while, plus the orange shade with black interior is so perfect for my color scheme right now.
Couldn't you just die over the handles? Such a great shape!

PS- I don't know much about Melitta porcelain and there isn't a ton around the intrawebs about it.  If anyone out there has any info on the set I got I would love to hear about it!

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