Tra La La

You guys.  I swore I wasn't going to do one of these end of year photo recaps.
 But I crumbled!  After seeing a million on other blogs, the temptation was too strong. 
I really love all my iPhone camera apps, particularly the Hipstamatic app, and I really wanted to share some of the photos I have taken with them.  I am generously putting a break in the page so you won't have to be assaulted by yet ANOTHER recap unless you so choose!  Here we go-

This was taken in January at The Farm when I went to Portland, Oregon to visit friends and family.  The restaurant had recently been remodeled and they had all these major paintings of Babraham Lincoln on the walls, I love him so I snapped a few shots.

February: My lil monkey Strudel.  I call her Strudes.  She loves to be photographed, and the cross paw is her signature pose!

In March the Liberty collection came out at Target and I got this teapot, it's so cute and the perfect size.

In April I became obsessed with Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution tv show.  I vowed to eat healthier and made lots of yummy veggie stir frys, and actually stuck with it for a couple of months.  Maybe when the second season starts I can become committed again!

In May I took off on a cross country trip to get to the East Coast for a job.  I was obsessed with all the old barns I saw on the way. 

In June I went to New York.  I took millions of pictures and drove all over the city, it was surprisingly easy.

Beautiful roses spotted out and about in July.

Amazeballs sign I saw in a thrift and didn't buy.  I couldn't forget it so I went back and it was gone.  I could have cried all through August!

Unreal beets at the farmers market in September. 

October- Strudes getting cozified for the fall!

These are some cute pig salt and pepper shakers I've had for years.  I decided in November to start photographing my collections and these little beauties were first on the list.

In December I bought the Dali pack for my Hipstamatic app and loved playing around with double images.

In conclusion, I love taking pictures with my iPhone.  I know most bloggers hate to resort to it and apologize if they have to post with anything less than perfection, but I embrace it wholeheartedly.  I use what is convenient and around me and I have rediscovered my love for photography since I got an iPhone.  I can't wait to take more pics in 2011 and share them all with you! XOXO


pollyanna cowgirl said...

LOVE all the pics! No shame in iPhone photos, I think they take really good pics, personally!

Crystal said...

I agree Pols! Happy New Year!