10 Things That Make Alina Happy!

This week for 10 Things I am featuring my very sartorially inclined friend Alina. 
Alina lives in Washington D.C. and is a super smarty who works for the government, but I can't wait for the day when she decamps for the offices of Vogue.  I personally think I should do all my traveling with her from now on because she truly understands what is so important when visiting new places: shopping!  I have never known anyone who is just so excited to get dressed every day, it inspires me to no end.  If you want to get fashionably inspired every day too, check out Alina's blog-
The Hyperbalist
Here are Alina's 10 Things That Make Her Happy:

1. Shopping/Discovering cute stores in new cities.
2. Barcelona- in my opinion the most magical city on earth.  The CHARM, the style, the architecture, the street artists, the food- the whole aura of the city.  Gaudi, Salvador Dali, and Picasso found a niche there for a reason.  It's got the polished, uber-chic, demure older Spanish women whose style is insane, but the whole city is also defined by this extremely hip, fashion-forward, trend-creating youth culture.  It has it all; and best of all, is situated between mountains and the Mediterranean sea.  Heaven on earth.
3. Sipping lattes while alternately flipping through magazines and people watching in quaint cafes-
Cafe Zurich in Barcelona and Cafe Figaro in Los Angeles are faves.
4. The Royal Tenenbaums- my favorite movie. Owen Wilson's the best character. Ben Stiller's neuroses are hysterical, but even beyond the comedy, the love story between Margot and Richie is tender and sweet.
5. Dancing
6. Good Hair. (Cut, color, style). Fashion is irrelevant without good hair.
7. Pugs & French Bulldogs-- how can you NOT be happy looking into the face of one of these creatures? They are sheer comedy.  Fat, bug-eyed, wrinkled, and sassy.  I've yet to meet a pug or french bulldog that doesn't have a personality/attitude.  Quirkiest dogs around!
8. Food cooked by someone else!
9. Really hood rap, with insane beats and utterly ridiculous lyrics that make you go "DID HE REALLY JUST SAY THAT?"  Weezy always has that effect on me.
10. Discovering new blogs so good I can't leave the computer and end up reading the entire archive, most recently bleubird vintage had me riveted for hours.


Fashalina said...

I am SOOOOOOOO honored and excited and flattered. You are a blogging genius! I love my little collage and will cherish this feature forevs!!!! THANK YOU CRYSTAL!

Crystal said...

Oh p'shaw! Thanks for being a part of Blend and Happy V Day! XOXO