Look at that sad, colorless, ugly cat bowl.  I can't believe that I (and Strudel for that matter) have put up with this unflattering scenario for OVER 3 YEARS!!!
This dual bowl was part of Strudel's dowry when I adopted her but ever since I saw this post from Anabella over at Fieldguided, I have been wanting something cuter and classier for my own pet.
I wasn't able to find the same milk glass bowls that Anabella did, but while perusing the thrifts yesterday I spotted these bright yellow bowls that seemed like the perfect size. 

I love yellow with a passion so I was excited about the pop of color they would add to the kitchen.  Also, I was pretty stoked to find ANYTHING at a thrift store again after striking out all over town for the past week!  I didn't have the energy to run around LA trying to find some vinyl for a mat (where would I even begin?) but I substituted one of my old Target trays to hold the bowls and I think it looks pretty cute.  Thank you internets for the great idea!  I think Strudel will love it too.


Old Brand New said...

Yes, yellow never fails! What a sweet party tray for your kitty!

Fashalina said...

obsessed. obsessed. I want bright lemon yellow bowls for my pet and that exact tray. this is amazing. I want to steal it and put it in my kitchen for the cat I don't have but am soon to have.

Crystal said...

I CANNOT wait for you to get a cat! Life changing y'all. THE BEST.