Affordable Anthropologie?

I ducked into Anthropologie last night just to do a lil' bit of window shopping.  Normally a purchase from there is a special one as everything costs so much!  Anyway I was pleasantly surprised to find these very affordable partially glazed terracotta planters.  They have 3 different sizes but I was partial to this long trough like one.  I think it will look just perfect with some succulents planted happily in it.  I bought one planter but I am already thinking of getting a second or third, they are the perfect neutral color, shapes, and style that I think could fit in anywhere.
$6-$10 at Anthropologie.

(BTW, they are much cuter in person than these pics from Anthro.  They make them look all bumpy like barnacles took up residence on them.  The glaze is actually very shiny, looks like a mercury mirror and is smooth in texture.)

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