To Do Lists & Notebooks

I have this thing with to do lists and writing everything down.  It's probably because I seriously will forget everything if I don't.  Over the years I've tried a lot of different options:  Large notebook.  Small notebook.  Designer Moleskine notebook, etc.  But my latest one fit the bill so well that I may never try another again.  It's a smallish (about 7 inches tall) black Mead Five Star that I bought spur of the moment at Target, thinking that it would just be filling in until I could find a better looking option.  It ended up being so perfect I bought two more and threw esthetics out the window.  The genius of the darn thing lies in the fact that it has built in pockets inside.  POCKETS!

To hold all of your important ideas and paint chip samples and magazine subscription cards that you never end up sending in.  It also has hard plastic covers which protect everything inside and don't bend and start looking all junky.  It has a pen holder on the front cover and since it just attaches to the paper with a wire on the side, it looks so much neater when you rip out a page.  No evidence left behind. 
I guess what I'm trying to get at is that sometimes it's just best to get down to brass tacks and buy something because it works and not because it's by your favorite designer, looks amazing, and cost lots of money.  Lesson learned! 

Here are a couple of more fashionable options that I love, but now that I've seen the light (notebook-wise) I just can't justify it-  Marc Jacobs and oh joy! for Target.


krista messer said...

I always find that the nicer the notebook the less likely I am to use it-too much pressure. This one looks great.

Crystal said...

So true Krista. Words of wisdom.