What Are You Reading?

The other day my friend Lauren and I were chatting on gmail and she wrote to me "What are you reading right now?"  I thought it was such a lovely thing to say.  You just don't hear that much anymore, and I like the idea that all of us out there are reading a book or two in our overstuffed electronic lives, most likely a page or two before we drift off to sleep. 
This is what I'm reading right now:

The Duchess by Amanda Foreman
This is the book that the movie starring Keira Knightley was based on.  The film is really good by the way if you haven't seen it.  I had seen the book while shopping a few times but didn't feel the desire to buy it until I read this incredible piece by the author in Vogue.  I was so taken by what she wrote and the idea that you can't really understand someone else's pain until you have gone through the same thing yourself (something that I seem to keep discovering in my own life) that I decided to get the book immediately.  Well, it took me a few years but I'm finally reading it and it's amazing. 
Good for:  women, mothers, and people who like historical dramas.

{PS- This is what Lauren is reading, it sounds so cute!}


krista said...

I also appreciate that Lauren is always reading something.

I recently read two really good books:Running the Book by Avi Steinberg (couldn't put it down, really good) and The Lonely Polygamist by Brady Udall.

Crystal said...

Thanks for the recommendations! I'm always looking for good books, especially the kind you can't put down. I just finished Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and I was OBSESSED. Couldn't put it down!