Holiday Weekend

So, it's a holiday weekend.  4th of July.
Full disclosure:  I hate the 4th of July.  It's so LOUD.  I hate that people set off pointless fireworks for hours and it makes so much noise and it gets all the dogs barking and it upsets my cat.  And me. 
Did I mention what an old stick in the mud I can be sometimes? Haha. 
Anyway, maybe you Los Angeles natives out there can give me some tips for fun things to do for the 4th.  What have you done in the past that you loved?  What are the best places to watch fireworks?   Maybe I can join in the spirit this year instead of holing up in my house getting angrier and angrier by the minute as everyone else in the world has a great time?  A girl can dream!


Venus said...

I'm the same way about fireworks... in my neighborhood they set off mini bombs! One year they knocked out all the lights and set off all the car alarms so annoyed and my Chihuahua was freaking out. This year I'm going to try to be festive and head to San Francisco... maybe I'll feel better about all the noise.

Crystal said...

Omg the car alarms! I forgot about those :-(

Venus said...

I DISLIKE car alarms any day of the year... lol