Bay Area Eats

I had a super time last week on vacation in the bay area and I got to eat all the best foods!

1.  Homeroom in Oakland- Perfect macaroni & cheese.  I got the cacio e pepe with broccoli and it was so so good.  Also, don't miss the homemade oreos.
2.  The famous Tartine.  Must haves include: jambon royale & gruyere sammie, croque monsieur, coconut cream tart, lemon bars, and well... basically everything on the menu.  It's just as amazing as everyone says it is!
3.  Miette.  I have been wanting to visit this beautiful jewel box of a store for years and my dear friend Polly was lovely enough to indulge me and take me there.  It's filled with candy, chocolate, cupcakes, a whole wall of licorice, and dreams.  Corny I know but it's so adorable you will want to move in and live there forever. 
4.  We also went to a great German restaurant called Suppenkuche, but it was too dark to take pictures.  It was the perfect spot for the newly cold nights and we had a delicious and cozy supper of braised meats, venison, dumplings, and hearty mugs of beer.  A perfect introduction to fall.


Leah J. Ross said...

I went to suppenkuch years ago and it's been on my mind ever since. Fab post, lady!

Crystal said...

Thanks doll! Good to hear from you. XO