Design Sponge Party

I went to the Design Sponge book signing party at Anthropologie in Beverly Hills last night.  I was so excited to take lots of pictures and share them all with you... and then-

I had to work all day with lots of unbelievably needy women and was super tired and sarcastic by the time I got to the party.
I was carrying around the beautiful but incredibly heavy Design Sponge book all night so while juggling that with my medium sized clutch and a glass of champagne it made it hard to take pictures.
Said glass of champagne made me not care about taking pictures like, at all.
I was at Anthropologie + I am easily distracted= no good pictures.

Anyway, it was a fun party and it was nice to get dressed up and I got to hang out with my friend Lauren all night.  Grace, the author, was very nice and joked around with us while signing our books.  We spotted some local LA bloggers but were too shy to say hi.  Then we went across the street and drank a bunch of sangria.  Here's a picture of that!  I obviously have my priorities straight.

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