Things I did this weekend:

1.  Worked 3 super long days in a row.  Too many!
2.  Accidentally very lightly scraped a car bumper in the Trader Joe's parking lot.  I left my number and  no one called me (thank you kind person who realized it wasn't a big deal!) but was mortified by an old man who appeared out of nowhere with a camera and snapped pictures of the whole ordeal just in case "I had left a fake phone number".  Stupid old pot stirring man with no life.
3.  Made an early morning trip to the ER, thankfully not for me, and all is well.
4.  Joined a comedy writing/improv group.  I have always wanted to try my hand at comedy writing so I guess we will see if I can actually do it.  Everyone else in the group is an old pro at improv and I told them all about my deathly fear of the stage (absolutely true) and they were all really nice about it and said I could just write.  Thanks guys!
5.  Found time at work to take Instagram photos of myself wearing fierce pointy earrings.  See above.
I did the Instagram update a few days ago but it didn't change anything.  I don't know if my phone is just too old to support the new app?  I read on poco-cocoa that if you hate the new Instagram (and it seems like everyone does) you can delete it and reload from the old version saved on your computer.  Genius!

Things I should have done this weekend:

1.  Cut my bangs.

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