End Of Summer

I guess it's kind of nearing the end of summer, as much as I don't want to admit it.  It's almost dark by 7:30!  Today marks 2 years since I packed up my van and moved from Portland to Los Angeles.  I think I have to stop saying that I'm new here!  A little bit ago I changed my status on here from "my new home of LA" to "my new-ish home of LA" but now it just kind of feels like home.  Even though I still use my GPS anytime I go anywhere!
  This week is going to be super fun.  Tomorrow I hit the Missoni for Target collection first thing in the morning, then I jump on a plane for San Francisco to visit my friend Polly.  I'm very excited to be doing a little traveling.  A last summer hurrah if you will. 
So posting will be sporadic for another week but I can't wait to greet the fall with open arms, share some yummy comfort dishes, new obsessions, and maybe even some fall makeup tips.  I think this season is going to be a good one.


Lauren Bair said...

CONGRATULATIONS ON 2 YEARS!!! You made it! Someone told me this about living in LA: "If you can make it one year, you can make it two. If you can make it two years, you can make it ten." Looks like LA would like Crystal to stay as long as she likes...!

Crystal said...

Aw! I'd like to stay forever if LA will have me. Can't wait to celebrate your 2 yearaversary!