Make Believe

When I was younger, I was bored a LOT.  It's the combination of growing up in a small town and not owning a television.  One of the games I would play to occupy myself was called "If I Lived Here, How Would I Decorate?".  If I found myself in a boring situation, I would mentally redecorate my surroundings.  I still do it to this day, just not as often.  Probably because there is usually a TV around to distract me!
These days if I was playing the game (and if I won the lottery and was able to buy my fantasy mid-century modern home), these Anthropologie A.P.C. quilts would be on all the beds.  They are the perfect combination of traditional home and cutting edge cool.  A.P.C. makes the chic-est clothes out there and they used old clothes and scraps from the line to make these.  SUCH a good idea!


krista messer said...

I want one! That first one is crazy, it looks like a computer vector drawing, I didn't realize at first it was a quilt!

Crystal said...

I thought the same thing! I was thinking of making it into an x-stitch pattern.