DIY Painted Clutch

I've been seeing all these great hand painted clutches here, here, and here on the internet and was very curious to try it myself.  Most people have been using the American Apparel clutches for this, but at $50 I was a little concerned that I would be spending too much money on something I didn't totally love.  I finally managed to find a clutch I liked on sale for under $20 and we were in business.

At the craft store, I purchased:
1. Painter's tape 
2.  A sponge brush 
3.  Martha Stewart Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Craft Paint

I used a ruler and pen to measure and mark the area I wanted to paint, roughly the lower third of the bag.  Then I applied the painter's tape around all four sides of the area I wanted to paint.  Make sure to really press down on the tape, you don't want any paint sneaking in under there!
Then I painted and let dry between each coat.  I think I did 8 coats.  It took a lot of paint to cover up the pattern on this bag!  Then I peeled off the tape and viola- this adorable clutch!

Here it is in action! I love love love it.

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