Holiday Bark

Remember those rosemary roasted cashews from the last post? 
Well, I took them and made amazing-out of this world-crunchy-salty-sweet-spicy chocolate bark!
I guess I have Trader Joe's to thank, because when I went there yesterday they were completely out of pistachios that I needed to make the white chocolate bark I was planning.  I was super annoyed at the time, but after tasting this yummy treat I couldn't be happier. 
So what I did was, make the rosemary roasted cashews, but leave out the salt.  Melt some chocolate, spread it on some foil or parchment paper, sprinkle over the cashews, and then take some fleur de sel and liberally sprinkle that over everything.  Let the chocolate set and then break into large irregular chunks.  Oh my goodness.  It tastes soooo good.

I made some white chocolate bark too, with dried cranberries and apricots.  Too bad it's being totally eclipsed by this amazing chocolate bark!

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