Hedi Slimane/California Song

I finally made it to the Hedi Slimane photography exhibit at MOCA at the Pacific Design Center yesterday and it was so good.  The exhibit focuses on images that he took here in California starting in 2007, but I found the photos to be rather timeless, some look like they could have been taken anywhere between 1960 and now.   
The exhibit is pretty small and won't take you much time, I think I spent 30 minutes there tops, but it's worth checking out.  There are 2 floors, the first is prints of his work, and then on the second floor-the best thing ever- they have a giant cube set up and project his photos onto it.  All the while this cozy ambient music is playing and it's really dark.  It's kind of like being in the most creative womb ever and it makes you just want to move in, cozy into a soft bed and live there forever.  It's fantastic.


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