Cover Up

White Cross Stitch case on Amazon
Brass Frame case from EXOvault
Black & White Rilakkuma Cat cases on Ebay

I finally got a new iPhone! I'm not usually up to speed on all the new electronics, it's never been an interest of mine and I just don't care much. But when your old iPhone freezes at every turn and won't let you download any new apps because you "aren't compatible", you know it's time for a change. But I will tell you what I am obsessed with- the iPhone case. Now that is one topic I can get behind. I always judge a book by it's cover dontcha know? These are three styles I fell in love with.


Sara/Matchbox Kitchen said...

I just got a new iphone too and I'm so happy I can actually download apps again, haha. I started a pinterest board of iphone cases because I can't decide which one to get yet.

Crystal said...

Oh awesome! I'm going to go find your Pinterest board right now!