But This Is How I Really Feel.

{I know just how Strudel feels.}

I've been feeling so jealous of other bloggers lately -ever since I got an incredibly busy and draining job- it's hard for me to see all these fun and creative things everyone gets to do while I stare at a wall and make copies for 4 hours.  I used to work 3 days a week and spend my time doing whatever I wanted and taking fun pictures of it all.
It all came to a head this week when I cut my finger bad enough to have to go to the ER (luckily no stitches!), a flat tire after a 12 hour day at work, and enough computer and money problems to make me cry more than a couple of times.  These are the things I can't handle and get super stressed about. 
I really wanted to post something here this weekend, and I honestly didn't know what to write about.  Do I post pretty pictures and make a theme out of it?  Or do I tell people what's really going on?  I decided to do both (see below post for a sunnier outlook!).


*Lauren said...

These two last posts are awesome. It takes balls to be real on a blog ;) You don't always feel cutesy and Instagrammy. And you don't always have time in the day for everything you wanna do. Just know that your fans are tried and true. Always excited for a glimpse into your world -- whatever that may mean.

PS... Krafts N Kocktails nite soon!! (The letter "C" is overused.)

Love you!!

Crystal said...

Aw. Thanks Lauren, I love your friendship and support!
Krafts & Koktails 4eva! (that should be the name of our kraft nite)

Anonymous said...

Cute blog!

Annika said...

I feel a lot like this myself. It is hard to maintain a job, a social life. some downtime and a blog, which can sometimes feel like having a second job. I also hope your finger heals quickly!

Crystal said...

Aw thanks Annika! I always forget how good it feels to vent and have other bloggers know exactly how I feel. Our community is awesome! The finger is doing much better and almost all healed!

Anonymous said...

Crystal it has been a while since I dropped in to see what you're up to and OH MY! It appears life is giving you a go a bit. I hope the job stress is improving?

I armor up in Courage often; otherwise known as my favorite girly powder scent kept in a specially made pretty dressed up jar marked "Courage" kept in my bathe room. Silly does matter a bit!!

Love your hair cut picture choice. Please be brave, be bold and always stay beautiful inside and out!

Your Aunt out here somewhere!!