Have you guys checked out Printstagram?  This company takes your Instagram photos and turns them into a variety of different products- photo albums, posters, t-shirts, stickers, etc. 
After my fun trip to the Madonna Inn a couple of months ago I decided to get some unique mementos made (surprise ruined for my tripmates!) and put in an order for some adorable tiny-ish picture books featuring all my Instagram photos from our fun weekend. 
They turned out great, I totally recommend them and plan on getting more made in the future- next up, Strudel picture books! 

P.S.- In other news, I had the best "Friendiversary" last weekend with my friend Lauren, we went shopping, stalked celebrities, ate way too much and had a beach picnic!  Check out the details on her blog- This is La La Land!


Lauren Bair said...

Hi, um, Miss? Please put me down for both books in the current series... ;) XOXO

Crystal said...

Will do!