If you know me at all, it is to know that I am obsessed with foods that are salty & sweet.
I had seen chocolate covered corn nuts on some blog recently and put them on my mental "to buy" list the next time I got paid.  But then I couldn't remember where I saw them and when I googled, all I could find were ones that had a hard candy shell.  That just didn't sound good to me so I decided to get on with life and make them myself.  I melted some semi-sweet Ghiradelli chocolate chips, poured in the corn nuts and stirred until they were coated in chocolate, and them painstakingly separated them on a cookie sheet covered in foil.  For the finishing touch, just 'cuz I'm cray like that, I liberally sprinkled some fancy times sea salt over the finished product before it dried.
OMG you guys, THE BEST.

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Anonymous said...

You should try "Smash!"