Five Dolla Holla

Y'now when you get super bored at work and don't want to be there anymore?
That was the dilemma I found myself in this morning so I started thinking about my upcoming lunch break.  Perhaps I would stop by the (almost too close to my work) Target store and buy something.  But what?  I've had a five dollar bill burning a hole in my pocket all week.  Why don't I go to Target and see what I can get with that tiny amount of money and write a blog post about it, I thought.  So I did!  It was super fun running around the store to all my favorite sections (makeup, candy, stationery) and counting out my pennies.  I ended up getting:

1.  Cute gift tags with a coral design on them.
2.  Junior Mints- don't you love the iconic box?  I hope it never changes.
3.  Neon purple nail polish.
4.  Striped journal to keep my to-do lists in.


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Lauren Bair said...

I love Shoppy Crystal!

Crystal said...

I like her too!