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I am always so excited to get the new Sephora catalog. I can obsess over it for days, totally boring everyone with my wish list of can't find in Portland products (Everyone will be so happy to hear that a Sephora is coming to Washington Square Mall in Holiday 2005). My absolute new favorite thing that I couldn't live without is Passport Lipsticket! Totally genius, these travel friendly lipstick stickers deliver a single dose of lip color. Just peel off the protective plastic wrapper, fold the sheet in half and press between your lips. You will be amazed at how accurately placed it is! Each lipsticket contains 30 tear and go lipstick tickets in 3 gorgeous shades. The lipstick itself is on the sheer side, with a slight shine to it. It costs $16 at The rest of the Passport line is worth checking out, too. It is all designed to be used in travel, or on the go situations. I know you will love it!


sue said...

crystal...if you come to pgh we can WALK to's that for a bribe...miss you much.

Crystal said...

how can I resist the temptation? maybe someday.