More lipstick recommendations...will it never end?

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When those "all day" lipsticks first came out, I totally didn't "believe" in them. I thought that it was a lie, and that they wouldn't stay on for that long. Then I tried them, and I was wrong, so wrong. They did stay on all day, but I still hated them. They felt so grainy and dry, and the colors were so horrible. Plus I have this wierd thing where I actually love to put lipstick on all the time. It makes me feel like a girl or something.
Anyhoo, I was convinced to try the new and improved versions of these all day lipsticks, and after investing $6.99 in the new Max Factor Infinity Everlites, I was a new person. This stays on all day, feels like you have nothing on, and the colors are really good, nothing too purple or brown. You apply it in two steps, first the color, which you let dry, then the clear gloss, which you can reapply during the day if your lips feel dry. Plus, in a stroke of genius, Max Factor sells the top coat gloss separately, because you will go through this much faster than the color. This would be a great product to wear to the beach!

Fun fact of the day: The real Max Factor was a crazy genius. Not only did he create one of the first cosmetic lines, but he came up with many mad scientist contraptions to reshape the face over time. Early plastic surgery! Also, his grandsons created
Smashbox cosmetics.

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Mommy Dearest said...

I have used this lipstick and yes, it does stay on all day but, on my old lips it has a cracked look to it at the end of the day. I am trying a new lip puffing system. I am hoping that if I can get all the lines to go away it will look better on me. Any hints for a old lady?